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Canadian Fire is a missions and evangelistic ministry under the leadership of Brad Mayer.

Evangelists are like the ‘feet’ in the body; those with ‘Go’ carved within their hearts. Part of the mission of Canadian Fire will be to raise up the role of the evangelist within local churches across Canada and around the world; to develop & nurture their unique & necessary gift to the body of Christ. Without evangelists taking their rightful place in the church, we will not be as effective as we could be in reaching the world around us.

Through fellowship, the sharing of resources, networking, & impartation, Canadian Fire is being used around the world to identify and strengthen evangelistic gifts within local churches. The heart of this ministry is that these gifts become more effective in their own communities, and then also to the ends of the earth.

Churches that will see growth in our day are those that will invest in evangelism, or more specifically, in their ‘evangelists’ or outreaches, whether these are full-time men & women of God, or simply those in other vocations with a burning evangelistic call in their heart. Canadian Fire exists to help strengthen the evangelistic gifts and efforts found within the local church.
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