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Impacting Nations by Impacting Leaders

If we want to change a nation, we must impact its leaders.   God calls us to at Canadian Fire Missions to make a difference in the lives of leaders.   While Jesus spent some of His time preaching the Gospel and healing the sick in the multitudes, He spent a great deal of His time with 12 men that He called to be leaders.  These 12 men that Jesus impacted left a great impact on the world of their day, literally scattering the Gospel far and wide from their starting point in Jerusalem.   The key to reaching nations is to reach leaders who will reach those nations. 

It was a pleasure to spend a lot of time with a young evangelist in Romania this summer.   Even though we did a lot of other things, reaching out to children, doing drama and evangelism in public locations, and ministering in churches - I felt my primary purpose on this last trip was to invest in the lives of young leaders.    If Romania is to be reached, then Romanians need to be at the forefront.   They understand the language and the culture, and their heart is intertwined with their homeland in such a way that God will use them to impact their cities and villages.  Pray for us as we develop this part of Canadian Fire Missions... the avenue of developing leaders who will reach their nations. 

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