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How to reach a community during a pandemic

Christmas Cheer.Go

So this is how my local church impacted hundreds of lives at Christmas time. For more than 15 years, we've hosted a huge community meal where often would feed as many as 1000 people in one setting. This couldn't happen this year, so instead of doing nothing because the people couldn't come to us, we went to them with a full Christmas meal for their family. We didn’t just bring a box of food, but also a Bible, a game, a gingerbread house and a magnet we designed with a prayer of protection on it. It was great to pray for so many people as we dropped the boxes of ‘Christmas Cheer’ off! We impacted over 800 people in 200 homes in our inner city.

A family rejoices to receive a Christmas Cheer.Go box in their home

Packed boxes ready to go!

Smiling faces of inner city residents as they received their box

Another family happy to see us!

It is more blessed to give than to receive!

Christmas Cheer.Go making a difference in one more family

Vehicles being loaded as we head out to deliver 200 boxes in an hour and a half!

Checking out the contents of a full box of goodies!

Everything you'd need for a full Christmas meal for a family ... including a homemade pumpkin pie!

Canadian Fire School of Missions.... a Work in Progress

Starting in October 2020 we'll be recording our fourth course for what will soon be available online as 'Canadian Fire School of Missions.'    This course on personal evangelism can also be taken live online, Fridays at 10:30am(CST) starting October 16, 2020.    If you'd like to be a part of it live, you can register the following ways:

Call 306-652-2230
Apply at

Inside of their dreams

Recently walked out of our inner-city church building to see a very disturbed & dejected man, head in his hands, sitting on the sidewalk. He called out to me for help, telling me that he had a 'ghost-spirit' inside of him that wouldn't let him have peace. He said this spirit crawled under his skin and tormented him continually. He told me that he first saw this spirit at a man's home a few years ago, and I was there and told it to go away and it did.
I knew the home and the man he spoke of, but don't recall ever doing what he said. This is not the first time God has done this... where He literally put me inside someone else's thoughts or dreams. A few years ago a man stopped me on the street and said, "I saw you in my dream." I asked him what I was doing in his dream, and he replied, "You were telling me all about Jesus." The next step was easy... I proceeded to tell the man about Jesus, just like he saw me doing in the dream.
For the man on the steps of the church yesterday, it was the same sort of thing... a divine set-up... a God connection. I proceeded to pray for the man in the name of Jesus, telling the evil spirit tormenting his life to leave him - and it did. He was at peace while we sat on the sidewalk together after our prayer. This is not unlike what God did with Saul after his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. God put Ananias in Saul's dream... and used Ananias to bring sight back to Saul.
We are living in a day and age where fearful and desperate people are crying out to God. Are you ready to be deployed by Him should He put you inside someone's thoughts or dreams?

'Tis the season

What a season we are in. Online teaching & mentoring has become part of our lives for this time. I was recently able to share in a morning teaching session with pastors and leaders in Singapore and the Philippines. They are 14 time zones ahead of us and yet we are one in following the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are able to make global impact even in this season when borders are shut down... we shall not be silent.

Rise up and Walk! Miracles in Central America

Early March was a time for miracles in Guatemala & El Salvador, as our team from Faith Alive Bible College / Canadian Fire School of Missions impacted lives in a number of settings.   We ministered in numerous settings, including churches, a Bible School, children's outreaches, feeding the hungry, and even put on a breakfast for women who work on the streets.   
     One young man at one of our services sat in a wheelchair and allowed us to pray for him.  As soon as the prayer was done, he was unbuckling his seatbelt of his wheelchair wanting to stand up.   He was a little shaky at first, but eventually was kicking a soccer ball and giving me a ride in his wheelchair!   Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.  He is still the Great Physician!

Asking a young man if he'd like prayer... 

After we prayed he immediately unbuckled his seatbelt on his wheelchair &he wanted to stand up... something he couldn't do before!

The first few steps were shaky, but after a bit he was standing on his own.  He was so happy!

Not only did he give me a ride in his wheelchair, but we also had him kicking a soccer ball back and forth with us!

Children praying with us in Guatemala at a kids outreach.

A powerful time at a breakfast for 'friends of Jesus' - lives impacted through House of Refuge Street Ministry

Preaching at a street outreach service at House of Refuge in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala

Preaching a Sunday morning service in a local church

Teaching about evangelism at a Bible school in Guatemala

Praying for a gang member at a street outreach. 

Ministering in a local church in El Salvador

The Casa de Refugio (House of Refuge) / Faith Alive Bible College / Canadian Fire School of Missions team
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