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The Missions field of Canada's North

Canada's North is a vast missions field with many communities that need the Gospel. It was a blessing in November and December  to minister in Loon Lake and Thunderchild churches.  Both of these churches impact many First Nations people.  

Open Doors in Colombia and Panama

A number of open doors presented themselves to us in Barranquilla, Colombia in the beginning of November.  In addition to preaching in several local churches, we ministered at a large family conference, in a women's prison, and in a large Christian school.  We also had opportunities to go on the radio with the Gospel, including one station that had numerous calls and texts while we were on the air.  It was a great experience having the live interaction with listeners whose hearts were being touched by the Gospel. 

On our way to and from Colombia, we were able to visit with Don & Connie Rysavy, who are good friends and supporters of Canadian Fire.  After deciding to make this stop in Panama, we were invited to be a part of a major evangelistic campaign called 'Panama para Cristo' (Panama for Christ) which will be happening throughout 2018.   

Touching Lives in Tanzania

In September 2017, many local churches were impacted in the beautiful East African nation of Tanzania.   Home to Mount Kiliminjaro (Africa's highest mountain), the Serengeti plains, and the historic island of Zanzibar, Tanzania has 45 million precious people who live in one of the world's poorest nations.  Over a million children have been orphaned there because of AIDS.   Good news is greatly needed in a land that has seen political corruption, drug abuse, immoral behaviour, witchcraft and a sense of helplessness.   God calls us to bring the Gospel to 'the least of these.' 

Lives were touched in the cities of Dar Es Salaam and Arusha, where we were able to minister to many influential business and political leaders, teaching them about evangelism and leadership.   One of our crusade meetings was broadcast across the nation over the radio, and open doors of favour showed God's hand on this trip.  Thank you for your prayers as we made some powerful divine connections for future ministry in this nation. 

Ministering to the poor in Nepal

The month of May 2017 was filled with over 40 ministry opportunities for our team of four from Canada.  We taught pastors, leaders and Bible school students, ministered in churches and even out in open air village meetings, which are not common in this majority Hindu nation.  We prayed for the sick, led people to Jesus and impacted lives in a part of the world that desperately needs the Gospel.  The crowded city of Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal are filled with temples where the people treat rats, cows, monkeys, snakes, mountains and millions of other 'gods' as sacred.  Here is where the message must go, to the people who need to hear God's good news the most!

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