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Pray for us as we minister in Tanzania

We have opportunity to impact many evangelists in two different regions in the nation of Tanzania in August.     

  • Pray that God will move upon their hearts to carry the Gospel to the most unreached areas of their nation and beyond.  
  • Pray that our travel will flow smoothly as we have numerous air connections to get where we are going.
  • Pray for finances to come in for us to have all needs met for these evangelism conferences. 
Photo below:   Brad with a Tanzanian evangelist on a crusade platform in 2017.

Touching Lives in Tanzania

In September 2017, many local churches were impacted in the beautiful East African nation of Tanzania.   Home to Mount Kiliminjaro (Africa's highest mountain), the Serengeti plains, and the historic island of Zanzibar, Tanzania has 45 million precious people who live in one of the world's poorest nations.  Over a million children have been orphaned there because of AIDS.   Good news is greatly needed in a land that has seen political corruption, drug abuse, immoral behaviour, witchcraft and a sense of helplessness.   God calls us to bring the Gospel to 'the least of these.' 

Lives were touched in the cities of Dar Es Salaam and Arusha, where we were able to minister to many influential business and political leaders, teaching them about evangelism and leadership.   One of our crusade meetings was broadcast across the nation over the radio, and open doors of favour showed God's hand on this trip.  Thank you for your prayers as we made some powerful divine connections for future ministry in this nation. 

Making a Difference in Zambia

It was a great pleasure to work together with my good friend and fellow evangelist Dr.Charles Kazumba in his home nation of Zambia in October 2016.  Together with a team of 11 from Canada & the US, we overcame a number of challenges to minister at a large church leadership conference.   While most of the team ministered at the conference, I was sent out to also minister in a number of local churches throughout the city of Lusaka, Zambia.

Whenever the Gospel is preached and people hear it and receive it... God makes a difference.  

Mission Kenya: October 2016

Our time in Kenya was busy in October as over 100 ministers of the Gospel were impacted at leaders conferences during the day, while multitudes heard the Gospel each night at open air crusade meetings.  Pastors from Uganda, DRC (Congo), Burundi, Rwanda & South Africa attended the leadership times and received impartation and practical training in the word of God.   

Our team of 12 included 4 Canadians, 7 Americans and a pastor from Uganda.   We were privileged to meet and pray with a governor overseeing 1.5 million people from the region around the city of Eldoret, Kenya.   Much of our ministry that took place on this trip will be broadcast internationally on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. 

Walking Among Giants - Uganda: May 2016

About fifteen pastors and leaders sat in a school classroom with a handful of Canadians on our team a day before a Uganda minister's conference was about to begin.   It was time to introduce ourselves and as the men of God went around the room I soon realized I was with some spiritual giants... some great men and women of the kingdom of God.   

The first pastor mentioned how he had planted over 50 churches.  The next leader planted 40.  This went on with each leader around the circle.    Then the wife of a man of God spoke of how her 70+ year old husband had planted 350 churches!   By the time we had finished the circle, more than 700 churches were represented by these key leaders throughout Uganda. 

What a powerful privilege it is to minister to leaders.  When you impact the life of a leader, you are impacting so many more.  Hundreds of pastors and leaders gathered and received from the word of God and His Spirit as lives were impacted at African Renewal University just outside the city of Kampala. 

One of the highlights for me was to have a group of African evangelists who joined me for some afternoon sessions at this conference.   God has a way of connecting evangelists together, which is really the heartbeat of Canadian Fire Missions.   Some of these men of God we connected with that day are impacting many thousands of people across Africa and around the world.     It was truly a joy to have Canadian Fire meet African fire in Uganda in May 2016!

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