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Impact in Cambodia and V***nam

Our time in Cambodia and V***nam in November was filled with meeting amazing people that are serving God in a part of the world that desperately needs the Gospel.   It was a time of equipping in two nations that unfortunately have seen some of the worst of humanity.   The V***nam war and the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia have left scars on this nation - but the power of the Gospel is making a difference.

In Cambodia, we taught in Phnom Penh to leaders from across the nation.  They were equipped in the area of evangelism and put their training into practice right away as we heard reports of them reaching out in unprecedented ways right after we left. 

In V***nam, we appreciate your prayers as we visited believers near Hanoi and Saigon.  Pray for the church in these two nations - the challenges they face are real. 

Ministering to leaders about evangelism in Cambodia

Preaching in a local church in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Part of the 'Killing Fields' near Phnom Penh

Students in Calvary Bible Institute who learned about evangelism, worship and more from Matt Desourdis and Brad Mayer

Ha Long Bay in North Vietnam... one of the most beautiful places in the world

Saigon skyline in south Vietnam

The Gospel is preached in schools across Panama

In October 2018, Canadian Fire was privileged to be a part of Panama para Cristo (Panama for Christ) which was a year long evangelistic movement that led over 100,000 souls to Christ.   That equals about 2.5% of the entire population of the nation. 

Our part in this awesome move of God was ministering in schools where we presented the Gospel to over 2000 students and we saw many hundreds give their lives to Christ.   Many were delivered out of hopelessness and oppression.    Others received truth that prevented them from committing suicide.   Some of the schools we ministered in were controlled by gangs and the drug trade. 

God moved in so many powerful ways as we were part of something historic and nation-changing. 

Thousands of Brazilians Hear and Receive the Gospel

It was a great privilege to join American and Brazilian evangelists in the end of May and into early June in the city of Caico in Northeastern Brazil where thousands of souls were impacted with the Gospel. After a week of outreaches in schools, community centres and lower-income neighbourhoods, our week culminated with a huge festival on an island in the centre of the city.  Food was given to the poor, children were ministered to, and youth were impacted through seeing feats of strength by ‘Team Extreme’ as well as a concert by a Brazilian-American hip hop artist.

Our time in Brazil was not without opposition as there was much unrest in the nation while we were there. A local religious leader told the people of his city not to participate in our events. In spite of his threats to expel them from their churches, they showed up anyways and God touched their lives.  A nationwide trucker’s strike also hindered travel across the country as trucks blocked highways and prevented food from getting to grocery stores and fuel from getting to gas stations and airports, causing many flights to be cancelled. The police supported the trucker’s strike and so the military was called in. We passed a blockade on our way into the city we ministered in and saw a banner that said ‘Militario Intervencia.’ In spite of all the opposition, the Gospel went forth and many people were greatly impacted!

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