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Costa Rica - October 2022

Hundreds of kids are being impacted every day here in Costa Rica as the team we are working with continues to bring the Gospel into schools.

What started out as a Sunday morning service, turned into Sunday morning and evening services... Monday night, and now Tuesday and Wednesday night. God has been moving powerfully at Iglesia Sulam in Guadalupe, Costa Rica. Thank you to Pastor Horacio Z Fuego for the great open door and the heart to receive from what God has given me to share each service.

So awesome to have Milena Noel preaching with me on this journey! She is not just a good interpreter, but a fiery preacher of the Gospel as well!

Thousands of Venezuelans live on the streets in Central American cities, as they cross many borders in a search for a better life. Costa Rica Para Cristo reaches out not just in schools and churches but also to these desperate, hurting souls on the streets.

Sharing about the importance of LIFE in the Evangelism Podcast

It was a joy to join my good friend Evangelist Daniel King recently as part of his 'Evangelism Podcast.'  We talked about LIFE, which stands for the "Local and International Fellowship of Evangelists" that is an initiative of Canadian Fire Missions. 

Check out the Podcast here:

A new look for an old classic

God's Word Concerning Healing... 

We've given thousands of these healing booklets out in many nations... including in other languages. It is simply the word of God - what the Bible says about healing in over 160 passages of scripture.
Prov.4:20,22 "...listen closely to my words... for they are life to those who find them and health to a man's whole body."

How to reach a community during a pandemic

Christmas Cheer.Go

So this is how my local church impacted hundreds of lives at Christmas time. For more than 15 years, we've hosted a huge community meal where often would feed as many as 1000 people in one setting. This couldn't happen this year, so instead of doing nothing because the people couldn't come to us, we went to them with a full Christmas meal for their family. We didn’t just bring a box of food, but also a Bible, a game, a gingerbread house and a magnet we designed with a prayer of protection on it. It was great to pray for so many people as we dropped the boxes of ‘Christmas Cheer’ off! We impacted over 800 people in 200 homes in our inner city.

A family rejoices to receive a Christmas Cheer.Go box in their home

Packed boxes ready to go!

Smiling faces of inner city residents as they received their box

Another family happy to see us!

It is more blessed to give than to receive!

Christmas Cheer.Go making a difference in one more family

Vehicles being loaded as we head out to deliver 200 boxes in an hour and a half!

Checking out the contents of a full box of goodies!

Everything you'd need for a full Christmas meal for a family ... including a homemade pumpkin pie!

Canadian Fire School of Missions.... a Work in Progress

Starting in October 2020 we'll be recording our fourth course for what will soon be available online as 'Canadian Fire School of Missions.'    This course on personal evangelism can also be taken live online, Fridays at 10:30am(CST) starting October 16, 2020.    If you'd like to be a part of it live, you can register the following ways:

Call 306-652-2230
Apply at

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